Here you can meet some of the amazing people who've been part of this project.

These are their stories: 

Antonio Hashitani -

"What can I saw about the best trip of my life? I think I’m a Tanzanian now, because I have a new family there. They made me feel at home since the first day. I miss everyone, and even more the lovely kids I met there. Kids with a big smile on their faces. An experience that I will carry all of my life. I learned a lot, more than they with me. The beauty of people is in the capacity to love, and to find in the next the continuity of ourself. We do not know the future, but we can choose the right way to make it our best. William is the person I’m talking about. Someone who has a big dream, a history and fight everyday to be the best hope for the children through education. Help them!"

Lucia Lopez  -

"The 8th of January 2018 I started my volunteer in Mwanza. That evening William, Victor and Maria picked me up from the airport to mama Maria's house where they gave me a warm welcome.  A lovely family who made me feel at home every single day and where we enjoyed laughing, chatting, dancing in the kitchen, going to the market,teaching swahili and so on... 

In the school it was so marvellous it's difficult to explain. It was amazing teaching them, some colours with songs, working in the writing, seeing their routines,playing with them etc. A huge amount of emotions. It was something unforgettable. 

Playing with this children, looking their eyes, laughing, eating together, sharing a lot of moments it was something that everybody should do at least once. 

When I finished my day school I went to play with all the neighboors. I will never forget the friendships which we made it or when the children running to catch me  and telling my name. 

Now I can say "One of my dreams was done". 

I hope that my story encourage everybody to take part in this project. Please, join them to make these children's lives a bit easier. We need to demonstrate that education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. 

You give a lot of things but you receive more than you give. They are magic."

Jossie Fahsbender -

"I would definitely recommend anyone to volunteering here! You can learn so much from this experience, from the commitment of William and all of the staff, the dedication of the teachers, the daily life in the community, the loving and welcoming family, the adorable kids, and the amazing work they do to empower women and promote leadership. They are always open to suggestions or any kind of help you can bring. The village is a lovely place, very safe and full of nature.

Don't hesitate too much, if you have the time I think there is no better way to use it!"