As a non governamental, and non sponsored organization, our only source of income is the good will of the good people who visit us and feel the desire to help us with their contribution.


These contributions are crucial for us, so we can continue to care, feed and educate our beloved children, in order to give them joy and hope for a better future.

There are three ways you can support us


General donation

Your donation is crucial to keep the center daily work with these children. Funds will be destined to food supply, school materials, healh care and other basic needs.


Today, the center has very limited sources of income, so at times we struggle to keep with our obligations, financially.


Your donations will help us guarantee our basic needs and from there we can focus on developing other sustainable sources of income. 

Single Donation

Monthly Donation



Sponsor a Child

Alternatively, you can choose to sponsor a child, supporting every need the child has during the time at the center.  

We ask you for a compromise of 240 USD/year, which is the cost of having a child with us, providing all of the child's needs. 

From the moment you confirm your sponsorship, you'll receive all the information about your sponsored child, as well as monthly reports on it's progress, not only in school, but in life as a whole. 


Support a Campaign


A little mesage from our Founder & CEO, WIlliam Johson: