Sawil Pax Upendo Children’s Academy is a non-profit educational institution founded on October 11th 2014 with a specific objective: to create a promising future for impoverished rural children education, nutrition and care in Magu district, Mwanza region, in Tanzania.

According to World Declaration on Education for All, Article V: “Learning begins at birth"; this calls for early childhood care and education. About 200 million children globally fail to reach their potential in cognitive development because of inter-related factors of poverty, inadequate care and poor health (Grantham-McGregor 2007).

This is the case in resource poor countries such as Tanzania, and specially in it's rural and more remote regions. 

It has been demonstrated that children who have participated in early childhood education and related programmes generally remain in school, are unlikely to repeat classes and their overall class performance is much better compared to those who have never attended pre-primary programmes.

In sub-Sahara Africa not many pupils complete their primary school and school retention is generally a major challenge.

But fees associated with child care centers and preschools privately owned have made it difficult for many children from poor families to benefit early childhood care and initial education .

In order to help and provide early childhood care and initial education to these children, two compassionate friends, Mr. William Ilembo Johnson (a villager living at Bujora village, Magu district in Tanzania) and Ms. Sarah Dwyer formed this non-profit educational institution to serve the poor, rural children who lack access to early childhood care and initial education due to their poor socio-economic conditions in Magu district.

Magu District is a rural district in Mwanza Region, in Tanzania. It has a population estimated at 299,759 according to 2012 Census with a high rate of poverty and illiteracy.
Here, education is not given to children as a priority, but as a privilege for few.

For this reason and many others we have chosen to initiate Sawil Pax Upendo Children’s Academy. Our vision is to insure that impoverished rural children are able to live a sustainable, rewarding, decent and autonomous life while our sole mission is: to educate, feed, care and support impoverished rural children to fight poverty, violence, discrimination, diseases, hunger and illiteracy in both their lives and Tanzanian communities.

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William I. Johnson

WhatsApp: +255 757 526 500


Kisesa, Mwanza Region
Bujora Museum Road, 
P.O. BOX 8067 Mwanza,