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We believe education is the right way to fight poverty as one of the major problems affecting people in our community.

Children must be central to Tanzania’s sustainable development. It is proven that

events in the first few years of life are formative and play a vital role in shaping social, emotional, learning, and health outcomes and in building human capital, thereby promoting economic productivity later in life.

What is Sawil Pax Upendo?

Sawil Pax Upendo Children’s Academy is a non-profit educational institution founded on October 11th 2014, with the specific objective to create a promising future for impoverished rural children education, nutrition and care in Magu district, Mwanza region, in Tanzania.

Feeding these kids is crucial to fight malnutrition, as they come from poor families whereby they get one meal per day. If they eat today at 7 PM they expect to get a meal again may be at the same hours the following day.

We stay with kids from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM and we provide them with nutritious breakfast at 10:30 AM and lunch at 1:30 PM from Monday to Friday.

Feeding these kids is one of our greatest challenges. 

Without having a heart that cares no one can make a difference in the World.

Despite education and nutritious food, we provide these kids with medical support, clothes, soaps, lotions, and everything else we can to improve their living conditions.

Our main concern is to make the aspirations of these kids possible, and that they live an autonomous life and participate in the development of both their communities, country and the World.

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